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Keyflow Stage1v3

Tedworth Point-to-Point - but first tomorrow's jockeys take their turn

After the pony races - the jockeys with Keyflow's Cam Price After the pony races - the jockeys with Keyflow's Cam Price The prologue to the Tedworth Point-to-Point at Barbury Racecourse (April 8) took the form of two pretty fast and furious pony races. These were sponsored by the Marlborough company Keyflow Feeds.


Why, I asked Keyflow founder Cam Price, choose to sponsor pony races? "They're the breeding ground of champions - it's the grass roots of racing - where it all begins."

He makes a very good point - alumni of pony racing include jockeys Bridget and Gina Andrews, Sean Bowen, James Bowen, Harry Cobden, Hollie Doyle and Sam Twiston-Davies.  By no means an easily dismissed.

Pony racing is on the flat - not over hurdles or jumps.  Barbury's  first race of the day was the 13.2 race over four and a half furlongs for the Stableware Cup - with seven runners.

Not everything goes to plan.  The starter's raised flag seemed to send a signal to Jack Dace's pony Tealson Topic - who was determined to reach something before someone else.

The pony - a 15 year-old gelding - bolted.  Jack stayed well attached and finally pulled up not far from the finish line.  Unflappable Jack then, after a quick check on the horse by a vet, simply trotted back to the start.  And they were off.

Jack Osborne - with cup, rosettes & Keyflow saddle clothJack Osborne - with cup, rosettes & Keyflow saddle cloth  Jack Dace receives his rosette Jack Dace receives his rosette   Charlie Sprake on the podium with Cam Price Charlie Sprake on the podium with Cam Price

The 15 year-old pony seems to have endless puff even after his 'practice run' - and Jack took him to fourth place.   A very happy ending.  Mind you, Jack has already won three good races this season.  Jack is ten years old.

That race was won by Jack Osborne - at 14 a year older than his horse Stretcholt Hermes.

Next came the 14.2 race over one mile and two furlongs for the Sedgley Perpetual Challenge Cup with ten runners.  This was a really good race - won in the end by 15-year-old Charlie Sprake on Goldwell's Gucci.

After receiving the cup and his rosette and a Keyflow saddle cloth, Jack Osborne faced a journalist’s questions and then a lengthy recorded interview.  As Keyflow's Cam Price put it:  "With these pony races they even get media training."

Nearing the finish of the first race - Tealson Topic is third from the right Nearing the finish of the first race - Tealson Topic is third from the right

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