Welcome to the world Jack - and a Newbury Racecourse life membership

Written by A Correspondent.

A winning start to a trip to Newbury races for pregnant personal trainer Kim Sevier was cut short by a dash to hospital after she started going into labour during the evening fixture.

Sevier, 32, from Wantage, Berkshire, was two days past the day she was due to give birth when she attended the July 11 race meeting with husband Nick as part of a family visit to celebrate her grandmother’s 93rd birthday.


Nick and Kim Sevier with baby JackNick and Kim Sevier with baby JackBy midnight she was in the maternity unit of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, having given birth to her first son Jack, who weighed in at 5lbs 2oz.


“The baby was due on the Tuesday, and on Thursday morning I woke up with some funny feelings but I was thinking it was Braxton Hicks and nothing more serious than that,” said Kim Sevier.


“We had planned to go to Newbury races for my nan’s birthday. She has always been massively into racing, so a lot of the family all get together around that time of year."


“I had a winner on the first race, my husband had a winner on the second race and by the third race he saw me pacing around the picnic bench and he said, ‘Kim, I think you need to call the hospital’."


“I was getting contractions every few minutes so I went to find a quiet spot, called the hospital and they said I needed to come in and I ended up having him at twelve minutes to midnight the same night."


“It all happened very quickly. Before we got to the races I wasn’t getting much pain. Who knows what brought it on? I won on that first race. I always get excited when I have a winner, even if it’s not much. We both came away from the racecourse quids up even though we left after the fourth race.”


To recognise the event Newbury Racecourse has awarded Jack racecourse membership for life.