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Gary Witheford takes a step back - while his son Craig takes on the racing side of their work

'Horse-whisperer' Gary Witheford, who is based near Burbage, has decided to stop working with horses from the general public.

Witheford Equine's work is now centred on the racing industry, with call-outs to trainers' yards and racecourses all over the country.  "This leaves," he says, "little time for the intensive work involved with private horse owners."

"This has been a tough decision for me and one that has been brewing for a couple of years now. I feel sad that there will be many horse owners out there who will contact me and I won't be able to help.  Not only for me, but also for my staff who still share my passion for helping all sorts of cases."

Gary, who will be 58 in April, is taking a step back as his son Craig continues to take over the business in the United Kingdom.  Gary will continue with his role as Official Advisor to the Turkish Jockey Club, and carry on his work with horses in Cuba.

The Witheford Equine yard at Westcourt has full and updated facilities and will continue to operate for racehorses that are sent for remedial work.

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